About Simon

Simon was born in New Zealand as German/Filipino and raised in Hamburg, Germany. Musically, he grew up on Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson but also on Erroll Garner and Beethoven.  It's not hard to hear his influences when he sings.

Simon's professional performing arts training took him to New York City on a scholarship, back to Hamburg, on to Stuttgart and Vancouver, BC, ranging from singing, acting and dancing to piano, songwriting, Jazz harmonics, choir & band leading. He holds a Bachelor of Music as well as Musical Theater and Yoga certificates.

Simon published an EP called 'Head To Toes' and a single called 'Back to 'happy''. His music combines elements of R&B, Neo-Soul, Gospel and Jazz with stories about love, dating, travel and spirituality.

Work experience includes Soul bands, Gospel groups, Jazz bands, big bands, theater, musical theater, commercials, solo performing, holding workshops, coaching choirs and soloists and playing at the Jazzopen Stuttgart festival before Earth, Wind and Fire and Bob Geldof with his original music.